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July 2, 2014
Updates are now tweeted! And we are on twitter! #IndieGames #WordPress

Just testing out this newfangled twitter technology, and tweeting when we send out updates. Don’t worry based on our past updates, this only happens once every few years.

In any case check out our twitter over at:!

Hard Rock
November 16, 2012
What’s a Blog?

So I’ve just recently finally set up an automated blog, which means I no longer have an excuse to wait 6 years to update a site as I can just post without having to do any work. I’m totally cutting edge now. I didn’t even write it, even though my excuse was before that I wanted to write my own blog from scratch. There goes that plan.

I went ahead and moved all the old posts I had made over to this new format (thanks and some of them were pretty interesting, looking back at myself. I do wish I knew how to market myself better, there were a whole bunch of updates where I had just released a new game and it was buried somewhere in the new post talking about less interesting things.

Well there you have it, blog is up, old post are archived, maybe something else is coming around the corner too?

Hard Rock
August 24, 2007

No new games or anything sorry, however I finally got around to adding the forum back. Probably not the most important addition since I doubt it will get much use, however it is now visible again.

The next step is to update this news log into a blog or something so I don’t have to spend my time updating html code just to upload a new news entry.

Finally SpeedHack is coming soon, so a new short game should be up in a month or so.

Hard Rock